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Corporate Responsibility

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"Do the most good you can do."

David Barnett, Founder & CEO
2019 Corporate Responsibility Report


PopSockets is proud to have donated nearly $4 million to our 400 global charity partners. Through Poptivism, we invite everyone to make a difference for their favorite causes.

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Our People

As soon as you step through our front door, it’s easy to see that PopSockets isn’t your average company. Sure, we’ve got pretty sweet products to thank for that, but most of the credit goes to our people.

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Human Rights

PopSockets strives to ensure that every person involved in making our products—from the factory floor to our corporate headquarters—is treated with respect and dignity.

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PopSockets offers free recycling for all PopSockets products, packaging, and any brand of phone case in the US, UK and Germany. We are also working hard to increase the volume of environmentally-friendly materials used in the production and packaging of our products, and have made excellent progress reducing waste and emissions.

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